The Future of Product Development Technologies

The product development industry is currently thriving due to increasing innovations in both hardware and software. It is undoubtedly fair enough to say that the human race is on the verge of creating products that were once merely the stuff of science fiction.

Whilst it is actually impossible to predict exactly where this industry is heading, there are several ingenious digital product development concepts that are already in their early stages. It seems likely that these will be perfected in the near future and hopefully be seen as marketable. These are just some of the new tech ideas that are being researched.

Energy Storing Bricks

Research performed at Washington University has led to the possibility of using cheap and available building materials to store energy. It would mean that every day bricks could act as batteries. The porous nature of brick makes it perfect for absorbing conductive coatings.

Medical Smart Needles

The University of Exeter is working on a new device which could speed up the detection of cancer. This “smart needle” shines low power lasers into the body to inspect cellular structures. It could end up being a game-changer for medical diagnosis. Researchers have stated that it is particularly useful when looking for signs of lymphoma. Faster detection could reduce patient anxiety and save precious time.

Floating Farms

By 2050 the UN predicts that the world population will grow by two billion. As a consequence, there will be a massive demand for more food. The planet must prepare for this. One solution touted by architect Javier Ponce is the floating farm. It can effectively utilise space and be powered with solar energy.

Fast Charge Car Batteries

The Chao-Yang Wang Group claims to have developed a car battery that can charge within 10 minutes. However, the issue with modern lithium batteries is that they degrade if charged too rapidly. The solution is rapid cooling after the charge, which prevents battery damage. If perfected this tech could lead to a significant increase in electric car sales.

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