Who Do You Blame For Slow Online Speed?


No matter what your reasons are for using the internet, you are expected to be able to do what you want on it when you want, and not have to wait to do a simple search or some other basic task. Your first thought if you are running into problems with speed is that perhaps your computer is in need of a repair, or your website has been compromised.


Before jumping to this conclusion, it could very well be your internet speed that is giving you the problem. You can run your own tests as there are many free internet testing sites that you can use.

Network cables and fiber optic lights with network cable

Once you have gathered some data from your test, you can now talk to your internet provider about your findings. By doing this, you will understand the issue and won’t just have to assume that you need to buy more bandwidth or step up to a bigger package. There can be a lot of reasons as to why your speed is not up to par. Some of these reasons could be issues that your internet provider has to address or it could be problems that you are responsible for.

If you are using the internet for business or other important areas in your life then you need to be able to utilize it as a resource that is going to respond quickly. In business, a slow internet speed could actually interfere with your business to the point where it would cost you your business. If you are using it for other purposes like research gathering for example, perhaps for a school project, then it could be costing you a lot of lost time.

If you fail to confirm that it is internet performance that is creating the problem for your slow online speed, then you won’t know if your computer is in need of repairs and you could end up paying to have it serviced when it doesn’t really require it. If you are dealing with a website and your internet is slow then you could end up making site changes that weren’t necessary which could cost you for IT services that weren’t needed.

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