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How Technology is Changing the World of Fashion

Over the last few decades, the fashion world has been upended by the march of technology. The internet has undoubtedly made it possible for people all over the world to buy from brands that would not have been available to

An Overview of the Battery Technologies for E-vehicles

E-mobility is the use of electric motors for transportation. When you use e-mobility for vehicles, it does not emit toxic gases and it improves the quality of life. Also, because e-mobility does not use combustion engines, it helps fight against

New Technology in the Beauty Industry

Today, technology has entered every aspect of our lives. As it has changed the ways we bank, exercise, shop, and eat, the technological innovations embraced in the beauty industry have also changed the way how we would look in our

Advances in Medical Technology

The technological advances in the medical industry are really quite astounding when you consider what has been achieved in the last 50 years alone. For example, the use of an artificial heart was first pioneered in 1981 by Dr. Robert

Finance and Technology

A busy finance department of a large business is constantly on the go, with a seemingly endless list of tasks. At one time, this would have involved many employees, writing everything by hand, having a physical filing system, and perhaps

Keep Houseplants Alive with Plant Care Apps

Having houseplants undoubtedly has lots of benefits, from health and wellbeing to adding a touch of elegance to your rooms. But the problem is that many people are not actually good plant parents, and in most cases, the plants die

How Technology Contributes to Collaboration and Workflows

The evolving digital workplace is now a significant driving force across many industries. It encompasses all the technological tools that remote workers would need to complete their tasks effectively. Such techniques may include instant messaging, social media tools, intranet portals,

How to Create a Creative and Cozy Environment for Remote Workers

Companies all over the world are starting to take remote work very seriously. Many job positions may be completely carried out from home. There are many areas where there is no need to commute to an office, such as IT,

Impact of Technology on the Human Psyche

Technology has had an immense impact on how humans live their lives in the contemporary world. It has made communication far easier than anybody in the past could imagine. Once upon a time, a person would have to leave the

How does a Customer Engagement Platform Improve User Experience?

In the omnichannel world today, there are so many ways that customers could engage with a brand, such as phone calls, online websites, emails, social media platforms, live chats, messaging apps, and others. Customers expect meaningful marketing, smart and thoughtful