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We all recognize the word “technology” and know what to associate with it. In fact, we cannot ignore the word in our modern technological world. Can you define what technology means, where the definition came from and what sort of meaning it holds?

In this article, we’ll examine “technology” from a rather unconventional perspective.

Science of Craft

From the moment cavemen learned how to control fire and how to craft useful tools, the term “technology” was born. In its basic form, technology can refer to actions which improve the processes of any task.

Improvement is, of course, a trickier interpretation. It is, however, puzzling to note that humankind didn’t have a proper and commonly accepted definition of technology until the 2nd Industrial Revolution.

Male entrepreneur working late in office. He is sitting, using his laptop to try to solve problem with code.

Useful Arts

Some might consider the association between “technology” and the term “useful arts” contradictory because art is an emotional expression of human action, and technology is an end result of a rational mind at work.

However, there are few notable exceptions which challenge such orthodox thinking. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, is the best example of a “thinking artist”. Apple products are all designed to improve every process that its user might envision. At the same time, however, Apple products are, from a designer perspective, pieces of exceptional art.

“I think, Therefore Technology”

Technology is what brings an idea from a metaphysical dimension to actual practice. In other words, technology is merely an extension of a thinking man’s mind. It conceptualizes a complex thought into a practical action.

For example, a company called Aquro built an iOS and Android development suite designed for building mobile applications with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript coding language. All this might sound complex technological jargon, but Aquro turned technology into an art so that a user can build, design, manage, and improve their own apps more easily.

Moore’s Law on Steroids

Measuring the pace of technological improvements is a difficult task. How can we quantify the limits of thinking mind? Paradoxically, technology might solve this question one day.

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