How to Create a Creative and Cozy Environment for Remote Workers

Companies all over the world are starting to take remote work very seriously. Many job positions may be completely carried out from home. There are many areas where there is no need to commute to an office, such as IT, programming, customer service and support, data collection and analysis, copywriting, tourism services, just to name a few. In some cases, working remotely is a personal choice, but sometimes is a necessity.

That’s why our lounges and bedrooms are slowly converting into home offices, with desks, computers (often more than one screen) printers, scanners, cameras for video conferences, and tons of cables tangled around the furniture. If you don’t take some action, you’ll slowly find yourself surrounded by technology, and your house will look somewhere in between a high tech futuristic setting and a not very stylish family home.

How to Recreate an Atmosphere

If you have decided to include computers, and technology equipment and gadgets, you can still have a home that looks and feels comfortable and cozy. All you need is a bit of creativity and a place where you can find the right inspiration. For example, there’s a company called Lexington, which not only produces high quality home decor accessories, but they will add a nice and sleek touch to your current furniture.

You can choose from a range of many different designs, inspired by the American lifestyle, easy but contemporary. If you give your rooms a little makeover, it will help you to blend your current furniture with your workstation. Plus, they guarantee the best quality to deliver a products that are not only beautiful, but also durable.

If Your Office is in the Bedroom

Once you have finished a long day in front of the computer, there is nothing better than relaxing with a good sleep. The Lexington bedding ranges offer you a complete choice of different designs, materials and textures. Duvet covers, pillowcases, plaids and decorative cushions are made using the highest standards in quality.

Tips and Tricks for Video Conferences

Remote working usually includes a number of online meetings, from one to one video call to conferences with multiple staff or team members. When you are on video, you will inevitably show a section of your room in the background. That’s why, to avoid placing yourself with your back to a plain white wall, it is crucial to show a room with a modern and sleek decor, which will still feel like a home, but at the same time, you will make a more professional impression.

How to Keep Everything Sparkly Clean

You probably have already noticed that technology equipment tends to be always very dusty. This happens because of the electrostatic charges and the movement of the built-in fans. This dust may end up in other surfaces of your room due to the normal ventilation. That’s why you regularly use specific tools such as computer and keyboard vacuum cleaners. This way, you will avoid the dust build up on couches, beds, rugs and curtains.

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