Advances in Medical Technology

The technological advances in the medical industry are really quite astounding when you consider what has been achieved in the last 50 years alone. For example, the use of an artificial heart was first pioneered in 1981 by Dr. Robert Jarvik. In 1987, robotic arms and lasers made their first appearance. They were initially used for laparoscopic surgery and the correction of sight problems. Moving on to 1993, we can see the first bionic limb, an invention that has changed many lives.

Advances in Imaging

The CT scanner was invented in 1971 by Dr. Godfrey Hounsfield, and the first patient was seen to have a frontal lobe tumor. The imaging industry is now at the forefront of advancing medical technology, thanks to Antaros Medical and their innovative research. This renowned company uses sophisticated imaging in the field of drug development, something not thought possible a few years ago.

Advances in Disease Biology

Antaros are world leaders in their work on disease biology. Their detailed studies allow big pharma companies to make vital decisions on their drug production. Antaros can confidently tailor their imaging to track how a drug works and which body processes are affected. Their list of publications indicates just how much they have contributed to the advance of medical technology. With just one single examination, they can study the whole body from a holistic perspective.

Continued Research

Antaros are not satisfied to rest on their current achievements but continue to devote time and effort to more advanced research in clinical development programs. Their high-precision imaging methods are seen to be the best in the industry, making use of all possible technology to deliver results. It is no wonder that they have over 200 imaging sites worldwide, complete with their own in-house team of highly qualified technicians.

The Future of Medical Technology

As advances in medical technology continue, we are entering into the realms of science fiction. Artificial intelligence leads the way forward, and you can be sure that Antaros will make use of this fascinating technology. Virtual reality will continue to make headlines, and its use in training surgeons isinvaluable. Innovative companies such as Antaros will undoubtedly be at the forefront of medicine in the future.

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