New Technology in the Beauty Industry

Today, technology has entered every aspect of our lives. As it has

changed the ways we bank, exercise, shop, and eat, the technological innovations embraced in the beauty industry have also changed the way how we would look in our golden years. The new technology in the beauty industry involves embedding technology with digitalization in the heart of inventing, producing, and distributing beauty products that dramatically enhance customer experience.

Also, with the innovations in skin biology, skin microbiome, nanotechnology,

and biological gene, all ingredients in the beauty industry have been revolutionized. For example, retinol facial serum is a powerful and versatile skincare product with revolutionized ingredients. Most dermatologists recommend retinol facial serum because retinol facial serum helps address a broad range of skin concerns.

This article focuses on some of the technological trends that are

shaping the beauty industry dramatically as follows.

1. Personalization

Many beauty brands are currently leveraging artificial intelligence, simply called AI, to collect the data from consumer preference and purchasing behavior so that the brands could offer personalized products for the consumers. For instance, at the store, a beauty brand could use a colorimeter (which is a digital scanner) to scan the facial skin tone of a customer and feed the data into a proprietary algorithm. Then, the algorithm chooses from thousands of different shades for the best result and sends it to a machine that produces the foundation to exactly match the skin tone of the customer.

2. Virtual try-on

Some beauty brands are also using augmented reality, simply called AR, in a digital platform to help their customers choose the preferable makeup colors. For example, when a consumer is shopping online or at an actual kiosk in a store for beauty products, the brand allows the customer to virtually try on many different shades of lipstick or eyeshadow through a smartphone to find the best match.

3. Skincare tools

Now, many innovative skincare tools are available for consumers to use. For example, the New Kinpo Group in Taiwan has invented a “Smart Mirror”. The mirror not only has the reflection of a face but also clicks a picture with red spots, blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines. Some beauty brand has also provided a smartphone service that enables their consumers to see how their face and skin would look in the future by using AR.

4. E-makeup

Believe it or not, there is another new incredible thing on the market, called E-makeup, inspired by filters on some social media platforms. The E-makeup artists provide the outlandish makeup looks that could be downloaded to enhance a user’s digital self, and a user could use the e-makeup to take her selfies on Instagram or Snapchat.

5. Printed makeup

Many beauty brands are also providing novel tools that could make the whole process of makeup smoother and easier. For example, some beauty brands have launched some services to scan the skin of a consumer and apply precise makeup to hide the discolored skin and age spots.

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